A New Flavor This Week! Bold and Full Flavored. 

Honey & Blackberry My wife and I used to live in Northern California, and we’d use our kayak to gather wild blackberries along the riverbanks. We’d make pies and jams. This pop has a great, full flavor that brings to mind those summer days.

Nutty Cold Brew Coffee with Maple!

Cold Brew Coffee, Almond milk, sweetened with a touch of real Maple syrup. Packs a punch but refreshes at the same time. Vegan. I love creating new flavors. It’s one of my favorite parts of this business. I’d go mad making the same 5 recipes all the time…

Fudgecado is Here!

Fudgecado. Chocolate and Avocado. Yup. We know. It’s kind of weird. No other flavor gets as many crinkled noses when people are checking out our options. But I think it’s pretty dang tasty and most everyone who tries it feels the same. If you try it and don’t like it, let us know and we will Read more about Fudgecado is Here![…]

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