Fudgecado is Here!


Chocolate and Avocado.

Yup. We know. It’s kind of weird. No other flavor gets as many crinkled noses when people are checking out our options. But I think it’s pretty dang tasty and most everyone who tries it feels the same. If you try it and don’t like it, let us know and we will get you another flavor. Of course, if you come back with an empty stick and claim you hated it, and want another flavor, we might give you a little side eye.

But I mean it with the offer. Never be afraid to try something new at our store. Let your kid try the Ginger Watermelon. We know some of our flavors are different. We hope it’s part of what makes us interesting.
We also want you to feel comfortable trying them, so if you do and you don’t like it, let’s us know and we will find one that makes you happy. That’s our goal. -Geoff

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