November 3, 2017


We hand make all our pops in our store. Stop by for the “factory” tour. Takes about 15 seconds. Free.

We use a bunch of different stuff in our recipes, but it’s all natural, lots of whole fruit, and handmade. Never corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors. When we pull the stuff out for a recipe, you’d recognize all the ingredients. But we are always coming up with new flavors and new ideas. So our list of flavors changes frequently, based on all kinds of things, like what I find at the market, what I ate recently that inspired me, and sometimes boring business-y decisions like what sells well. Since everything is crafted in small batchs, we do run out sometimes. If you come in and the flavor you were looking for isn’t there, I apologize. But try something new. If you don’t like it we will happily swap it for something else.

We can also do custom flavors for catering, even boozy adult pops for private events. Contact us.

In store now:  

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