February 18, 2014

Why Ice Pops?

A good number of years ago, I was between jobs and yearning for some adventure. In the previous few years, I gotten my MBA, started a company, run the company, and then shut it down. I was tired, and jumped at the chance to go work for a raft company in Guatemala as a safety kayaker for a month or two.

It didn’t go well. The owner was a crazy drug addict. My “room” was a plank in the jungle with a tin roof. We didn’t have customers. I dislocated my shoulder. I got bit by a poisonous spider. It was nuts, really and truly. It wasn’t all bad, I met some cool people, and did some fun kayaking, but mostly it sucked.

Each afternoon I’d walk a mile or so through the stifling heat and humidity into the village. There was a little store there, with computers that occasionally would work long enough to get an email out to my wife. And next door was a little shop with homemade palettas. They were amazing. I’d be raised on flavored sugar water popsicles, and these blew my mind. Flavor like I’d never experienced from a Popsicle out of a box. profile_180

After my trip, I came home and started experimenting. Went back to work, had kids, and kept making them. As more and more people tried them, and loved them, I started to think about selling them. So here we are….

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