Raspberry or Chocolate? Yes, please.

Why choose when you can have both? We took our delicious chocolate ice pop, and enveloped it in a layer of raspberry. Kind of a pain to make, honestly, but I think you’ll agree it’s worth the effort. People often ask me which is my favorite flavor, and I never know how to respond. I Read more about Raspberry or Chocolate? Yes, please.[…]

Rich & Creamy Chocolate Featuring a Powerful Superfood!

We often say that our pops are made with whole fruit. Technically that’s not true for our latest flavor. It uses a vegetable, sweet potato, to sweeten it and to give it an incredible creamy texture. You’d never guess. We won’t tell your kids unless you want us too. It simply tastes like a rich, Read more about Rich & Creamy Chocolate Featuring a Powerful Superfood![…]

Strawberry Mint Dipped in Chocolate

Strawberry Mint is the only flavor we’ve had in the store since day one. It’s super refreshing, and super popular. We’ve kicked it up a little notch with a chocolate dip option.

Fudgecado is Here!

Fudgecado. Chocolate and Avocado. Yup. We know. It’s kind of weird. No other flavor gets as many crinkled noses when people are checking out our options.┬áBut I think it’s pretty dang tasty and most everyone who tries it feels the same. If you try it and don’t like it, let us know and we will Read more about Fudgecado is Here![…]

Monkey Business

I used to teach kayaking in Newport Harbor, and sometimes after a class on a hot day, I’d stop and get one of the “World Famous” Balboa banana. It was simply a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. Not much too it, but it’d hit the spot. Our pop is a bit different. Blended banana, chocolate Read more about Monkey Business[…]

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