Nomad’s New Pistachio Flavor

I told my wife I was making a Pistachio flavor, and she was so happy. It’s her favorite flavor of ice cream or Gelato. Two employees have worked since I made it yesterday. Both texted me exclaiming how good it is. It’s a good sign. One thing I always find weird about Pistachio ice cream Read more about Nomad’s New Pistachio Flavor[…]

Local Sourcing

I love it when I can source ingredients from the man (and his granddaughter) that grow them. Cheaper per pound than even the restaurant supply store, and delicious. My biggest challenge will be not eating them all before I get back from selling today. My neighbor at today’s market.

A New Flavor This Week! Bold and Full Flavored. 

Honey & Blackberry My wife and I used to live in Northern California, and we’d use our kayak to gather wild blackberries along the riverbanks. We’d make pies and jams. This pop has a great, full flavor that brings to mind those summer days.

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