Thank You!

It feels a little silly to even make mention of a “one month-versary”,like high school dating. But I was working on some paperwork today, and it occurred to me that one month ago today I took down my “Coming soon” sign, and hung up “Now Open!” I really had no idea what to expect. It was truly unchartered territory for me.

That first week I thought I’d be able to make recipes during the day, to get ready for the grand opening, but the response to the store was immediate and I ended up pulling two all nighters. It was crazy, and by the Sunday of the Grand Opening weekend, I could honestly barely stand. I’m still working a lot, but it’s better now. I’ve got some great staff for helping make the pops, and some great staff for running the store. I eat dinner with my family several nights a week. My staff is great and I appreciate each of them. And I appreciate you all. My friends who have supported me. Buddies who listened patiently when I was exhausted during the build. My wife and girls. Friends who have come in to visit. And new friends. I’ve got regular customers. Folks who have brought their friends. People who have brought us to the their weddings, picnics, dances, company events and birthday parties, either with a cooler or inviting us out with our cart. It’s been great. I’ve loved nearly every minute of the last month. Except dropping my biggest cart off the ramp. That was scary. I didn’t like that. Even when I’ve had bags under my eyes, I’ve had a big smile on my face, and I owe it to all our amazing friends and customers. I love watching people sitting with their friends, dates, or families on our patio. I love watching people’s “wow” face when they try one for the first time, and it inspires me to keep creating new flavors and combinations. Those smiles, those faces, they make every penny and hour we invested seem worthwhile. And I appreciate each and everyone.

Thank you. Sincerely.

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