Warning: rambling post of a small biz owner below. . When it comes time to make decisions about Nomad, I always try and think about the “Triple bottom line”, a business concept where you consider the impact of the business in social, environmental and financial terms. Last weekends @mastersoftaste event was an example where we were able to contribute to a great social mission. This week I spent a lot of time thinking about vehicles and our environmental impact. That @ford van in the back has been a solid workhorse for us, and will continue to serve for hopefully a long time. If you’ve had a pop at an event in the last year, there is a very good chance it arrived in that van. We can haul three carts in it, and sometimes that’s the most efficient option. But we are doing more and more overlapping events, some further away, so another vehicle was needed and I wanted it to be more fuel efficient. With a chunk of research, I selected a @Nissan NV200 to be key part of our fleet. I wish they offered the electric version here that they have in Europe. Maybe by the time I’m ready for my next van someone will make a compact commercial van in electric. . @nissan . #vanlife #workvan #triplebottomline #icepop #icepops #popsicles #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #icecream #fuelefficient

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